Junior High Knowledge Bowl

Junior High Knowledge Bowl competes in three matches each fall, during October and November.

Each match consists of a 60-question written round, worked on as a group of up to six team members, and four 45-question oral rounds in which each team may use up to five team members. The oral rounds are contested in groups of three teams, contestants signaling in as soon as they think they can answer the question. Teams are re-ranked after each round, and re-divided into flights of three teams based on their cumulative scores to that point.

This year’s team consisted of 8th graders Carter Gerou, Gavin Heifort, Austin Jonason, Keegan McGuire, Cobin Raguse, Tucker Steffens, and Owen Wood, and 7th graders Raul Chavez-Salas and Wyatt Raguse. The team is coached by Roy Mayeda.

This year, the team placed fourth in their first two matches. They won their final match in a “walk off”, having exceeded the second place team’s final score after only three oral rounds.

L-R: Gavin Heifort, Owen Wood, Keegan McGuire, Cobin Raguse, Wyatt Raguse, Tucker Steffens